Android Launchers

Have you ever installed a new launcher on your android device and you try it out for a while then realize how do I go back to my other launcher and not have to delete it off of my phone period. I know for a lot of people they want to change there launcher but dont know how to because what if later that day,week,month,year… they say I want to go back to that launcher how do I that I want to try it out again. they said Oh Crap! I deleted it was was it called again or what how to I bring it back. Well now I just found this awesome app that is great for that let me tell you its called Home2 Shortcut its a free app on the Google Play Store and doesn’t affect anything on your device you can use it on any device running Android Operating System so Once you have the application installed towards the bottom of the page you will see what launcher you would like to use once you have selected your launcher press the home button and make sure to press Home2 and set is as the default or tap always then once you’ve done that your done you will launch the Android Launcher you selected and you can just change the settings thru that app alone plus if you like Google now and don’t want your s voice you can use that app as well to change what happens when you double click your home button and that’s it I hope you like it leet me know and talk to you guys later

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