Windows vs Mac Which one will you go with

Hey Guys hows it going I wanted to make this quick Article about Windows vs Macs and some pointers on if you decide to purchase one of these operating systems for your self or for others and can’t make up you mind so I was just going to make this quick and pretty straight forward, to help with the process. Here’s what I’ve to say or my intake on something. Alright well first of all I’ve been using Windows computers for most of my life I’ve used the Mac Operating System many times so I have a feel for it. The major this is your personality matters in the decision. If you like to just check your email, go on Facebook, or just want to do basic things you would probably would want to go with a Mac because the Operating System is supposed to be (simplified) but they still have a good amount of options like they have excellent Video Editing Softwares and a really good source for like Financing Apps to help you stay on track and stuff like that. So a Mac is really easy to use it has a nice appeal to people. I like my mac I have and also love my Windows 7 and Windows 8 VM. So that’s mac for you. now on the other hand Windows does pretty much the same thing but the app market isn’t as great as The Mac App Store you might not be able to have a great Financing App or a HD Best Editing Software ever on Windows but here’s the pros to why people choose Windows over Mac’s. If you’re a gamer like me you would most likely want a powerful computer to run your games and for it to not lag. WIndows has more options as upgrades wise because Mac is limited to the specific model and hardware there isnt much to change as for like graphics cards and Internally Upgrading Easier. Plus “most” games such as The Call of Duty Series or Grand Theft Auto IV or when V comes out will not be optimized for Mac because they use hardware only available for Windows Computers so that might be a deal breaker. So If you’re a major gamer I would recommend Windows for you Hands down but if you want to just check your email edit photos go on Facebook and all those other basic things you would go for Mac. Well I hope you enjoyed this and Ill catch you guys later Image

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6 comments on “Windows vs Mac Which one will you go with
  1. Kanad says:

    Hey . great read. I have an 21 iMac. The advantage of mac is that its better built, can run windows and is over all better product. Where as Windows is just windows 😛

    • hpfire217 says:

      Yeah of course Mac would be better built because it is just one device or has one design but at the same time if money is an issue meaning it costs more people would go with Windows but if you have the money you can rack up a pretty good custom computer that might be equal or even better hardware wise Computer which costs last then your average iMac of 2000+ Dollars soo but in the end it’s all the consumers choice and that’s what matters

    • hpfire217 says:

      And just letting you know you can also do a Virtual Machine of a Mac on a Windows Based Computer

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