Cool NES Browser Player right inside the Stock Safari App on iOS Devices

So today I found this really cool website that now lets you play Nintendo NES Games right in your stock Safari Application running any form of iOS. and here’s the catch you dont have to Jailbreak at all. it runs directly in the Safari app and you dont have to install any tweaks or have Cydia installed on your device. the website is pretty well built but there are bugs it lags because it was just released and will improve over time. So when you open up the webpage you will see a the buttons you use to play and you will have options to play the games they have if you dont like the games they have that’s not a problem you can play any game you want as long as you have Dropbox account and have downloaded roms onto your account weather it would be you personally ripping the games or just downloading .NES files on the internet which can be easily found. and just playing it from there. Its really easy but again it has bugs it will lag but just think about isn’t it cool that now you can play old classic games right from your stock phone without having to do anything alright here’s the link hope you guys like it let me know Talk to you guys later Bye.

Oh and I forgot to mention this but on iOS you will not hear the sound unless you plug in your earphones to your phone or ipod in order for you to hear it and I didn’t make this clear at all it runs on Android Devices also or any mobile device that has a internet browser but it has to be a smart phone haha. Well talk to you guys later.



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