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Android Launchers

Have you ever installed a new launcher on your android device and you try it out for a while then realize how do I go back to my other launcher and not have to delete it off of my phone

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Cool NES Browser Player right inside the Stock Safari App on iOS Devices

So today I found this really cool website that now lets you play Nintendo NES Games right in your stock Safari Application running any form of iOS. and here’s the catch you dont have to Jailbreak at all. it runs

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Windows vs Mac Which one will you go with

Hey Guys hows it going I wanted to make this quick Article about Windows vs Macs and some pointers on if you decide to purchase one of these operating systems for your self or for others and can’t make up

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New Angry Birds Series coming this Fall!

As of recently Rovio Games has announced that a new Angry Birds Game to this massive mobile game is coming soon and now they have given us a name as shown in the poster called Angry Birds Stella there isnt

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What to expect from the Galaxy Series new update coming soon and a little Bio about me

Hi my name is Omar Al-Bazergan I’m 15 years old and I’m trying to become something of myself for when I grow up ever since I was little I loved everything about computers from how to go on for

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